Moss and Grove is a business created by Liza Gardner Walsh that produces books and hand-made products that encourage children and families to go out and explore the outdoors. Our mission is to help families connect with each other, the natural world, and make lasting memories of a magical time in childhood.

Some Things You Should Know About Liza:

One of my favorite places to hang out when I was a kid was in the 150 year old one room school-house museum. I often would come dressed up as Laura Ingalls Wilder in my bonnet and prairie skirt.

I wrote my first book in third grade. It was about a haunted house and the main character was named Granny P. Fanny.

I loved, and still love, musicals. In fact, my very first dog was named Annie because she was a stray. I have always turned my daily activities into a song. Now my kids do it.

I used to have a lot of trouble falling asleep because I knew there was a witch who flew down from our attic and hid under my bed.

I wanted to be a sheep farmer, weaver and a poet in college so I went to New Zealand to stay on a sheep farm. But shearing sheep kind of scared me. So I focused on poetry instead.

When I was little, I didn’t know about fairy houses. I wish I had. Instead I made endless snail houses on the beach with woven dune grass rugs and sea shell beds.


There’s Gold In There Hills…

Gold Fever: Panning for Gold “Playfulness is a prospector’s greatest strength when trying to unlock the mysteries on the next bend of the river.” –C.J. Stevens Can you really catch a fever from gold? Or get a bite from a gold bug? Well, give yourself one day spent on... read more

Rocks, Gems and Minerals – Oh My!

Do your coat pockets weigh ten pounds because you can’t bear to leave any newfound rock specimens behind? Perhaps you have an entire drawer filled with rocks from different places you’ve traveled or a collection of crystals and mica that has grown since you were old... read more

Geocaching 101

With clues, a trail to follow, a creed, and even some Harry Potter terminology, geocaching is the latest treasure hunting craze. Geocaching started in 2000 as an offshoot of letterboxing, which we will discuss further on in this chapter. This hobby is truly taking the... read more

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