Fall is my favorite season. The fiery leaves mixed with the orange of pumpkins gives the world a golden glow. Sweaters are pulled down from attics and new hats warm our heads. And there is a new kind of bustle as geese head south, Monarch butterflies head to Mexico, and farmers harvest their fall crops. Apples are picked, pumpkins are carved and kids explore corn mazes. But even with the shorter days and cooler air, there are still fairy houses to build. I think that the fairies love all of this activity, especially when you can create fairy houses that include the golden hues of fall. There is so much to gather this time of year, especially as people put their gardens to bed by pulling up

drieimg_3941d out plants and reeds. And all of that gathering and harvesting can be used to build magnificent fall fairy houses.

As the bright greens of summer fade into the vibrant oranges and reds of the fall, there is much to gather in the woods to add to your fall fairy house. Acorns, pine cones, birch bark are all abundant at this time of year. There are still plenty of flowers out, especially mums, daisies, and sedum. Gather milkweed husks and the fluffy insides will make soft fairy beds. The whispery insides are traditionally called “fairy wishes.” Mums are everywhere in October as are gourds, pine cones and scattered leaves. Dried hosta stems and day lily shoots make a great material for weaving together elements of your fairy house.

  • acorn caps
  • rainbow colored leaves
  • seedpods from spent flowers
  • berries
  • crab apples
  • milkweed pods for baby fairy cradles
  • the insides of milkweed pods for fairy bedding
  • dried out cat tails
  • tiny pinecones
  • gourds, squash, pumpkins
  • horse chestnuts
  • maple catkins
  • dried hydrangeas