Remember running around outside on hot summer nights until the crickets started chirping? Not wanting to even come home for dinner? We were left to our own devices, not our electronic devices.

We miss that and we think it’s important. We understand how a bit of dirt and mud can make outside play even more fun. Here are activities for kids and their families that encourage them to get outside, create, and explore. And get a little muddy.

No child can walk through a puddle of mud without a gigantic smile, and while the stuff might be the springtime bane of grownups, children just love mud. Muddy Boots is for kids and families who value outdoor exploration and grandparents who long for their grandchildren to enjoy the same unfettered time in nature that they did. Although not primarily about mud, these activities encourage all hands to get dirty as children explore the world around them. This delightful book features a wide range of hands-on activities for kids and many small things for kids to make, including: mud pies, mud monsters, mud paintings, stick forts, teepees, and sunflower houses, twig rafts, acorn cap boats, and fairy boats, flower presses, dandelion chains, ice orbs, sun clocks, rain paintings, and story stones.


Happy May Day

Despite a very rainy May Day here, the trees are budding and flowers are finally opening. And it is officially, what I like to call, Fairy Season. May Day is the kick off for all of those wild fairy parties to come. To get ready for all of this merry making, I have a...

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Mud Pies

“You can use a tree stump for a counter. The sea makes a nice sink; so does a puddle at the end of a hose. For a stove there is the sun, or a flat stone. And ovens are everywhere. You’ll find them under bushes, in sandboxes or behind trees.” –Marjorie Winslow from Mud...

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Mud Pies!

Few things in the wonderful world of mud capture the imagination as much as a mud pie. Perhaps because you are combining two of the best words in a kid’s vocabulary—mud and pie. The beauty of mud pie making is that it can start simply and be added to over time with...

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Mud Bricks

There is something deeply satisfying about stacking a pile of bricks to make a wall. Think Lego, Lincoln Logs, blocks. Well, guess what? Bricks are basically dried mud and you can make a pile of them without too much fuss. Maybe your bricks won’t be quite like the ones used to build the great pyramids in Egypt, but even small bricks can be used to create little houses for your gnomes, your grasshopper, or even a Lego character or two. The key for this activity is heat, patience times ten, and a lot of ice cube trays.

Passion is lifted from the earth itself by the muddy hands of the young: it travels along grass-stained sleeves to the heart. If we are going to save the environment, we must also save the child in nature.

~ Richard Louv