Despite a very rainy May Day here, the trees are budding and flowers are finally opening. And it is officially, what I like to call, Fairy Season. May Day is the kick off for all of those wild fairy parties to come. To get ready for all of this merry making, I have a couple of new things to announce. The first is that my first ever cookbook, Fairy House Cooking, is coming out in a little over a week! It is filled with recipes for fairy mornings, fairy parties, food inspired by fairy houses and fairies, and food for the friends of the fairies (birds and animals).

One of the recipes in the cookbook is for fairy perfume which inspired my BRAND NEW Fairy Potion Kit. Well, actually, my daughter Daphne, future chemist and kitchen potion master was the real inspiration. She has always been interested in mixing things up. It started with various soap concoctions in the bath and then there was a long period of volcano explosions using baking soda and vinegar. But just about anything would work. Sometimes, she and her friends would gather flowers, twigs, bark and dirt and make elaborate soups. Other times, she would take rocks and pulverize the flowers before adding them to water to release their scents. Many times, all of these ingredients were then brought into the kitchen to boil. I remember this same love of potion making and so wanted to encourage the instinct while still leaving it as open-ended as possible. I hope kids can use these bottles, tools and recipes to make as many creations as possible. And even if they don’t open the door to fairyland, I know they will at least unlock their imaginations, which is always my main mission.