Entering Fort Knox through heavy iron gates, under a massive stone pediment feels as if you are heading into a labyrinth. The stone is smothered with years of rust and dripping lime. Mold paints the monotonous gray in a greenish palette. This high above the Penobscot River there is always a breeze, the wind reinforcing the mournful mood of the fort. Footsteps echo on the perfectly pointed red brick and immediately the temperature drops.

There are hot spots of paranormal energy in this cavernous building and you need only  rely on the hair on the back of your neck to know where those places are: two step alley and long alley; the officer’s quarters; the casemates, where cannon once stood; and various storage rooms. Hundreds of visitors have felt this energy and experienced strange things while walking through the fort.

What is it about the fort that makes it a veritable ghost chamber? As we know, only three confirmed deaths have been reported, but dying at a location is not prerequisite to haunting there. Many experts in the field of paranormal research assert that there are conditions that make some places better for haunting than others. Certain geomagnetic forces converge to make a place susceptible to spiritual activity. Fort Knox stands at the confluence of swirling waters, vast stores of granite, and a generally cold climate, all triggers for haunting. Other spiritual practitioners, called geomancers, claim the earth has “ley lines” that carry energy in a grid formation. According to practitioner David Yarrow, ley lines are “long wave, extremely low frequency beams of earth energy that connect regional points of power.” Maine has a ley line running directly through the state and ending at the Canadian Island of Campobello. All of these elements together could make the fort a “warp.” Joshua Warren says that a warp is a sort of “paranormal catchall.” Warps defy space and time and may create “portals through which an entity might be able to materialize, or gain some kind of access, more easily and with more strength due to the thinned veil.”

Is the fort resting on some hidden psychic trigger that when pulled allows for spirits to pass through and walk its vast chambers? Are the ley lines pointing right at a portal opening to mass haunting? Many of the visitors, fort employees, area psychics, and paranormal investigators, believe this is so and in the following pages they will share their stories.