Ahoy, matey! Here is where we share bits of pirate lore and tell stories of treasure buried long ago. Learn how to pan for gold, use a metal detector, search for arrowheads and gemstones, make treasure maps, identify sea glass, and discover Maine’s unique tourmaline treasures. Who knows what treasures await?

Treasure Hunter’s Handbook
This handbook is for kids and families who love to explore the world around them! Treasure hunting is a fun family activity that encourages kids to get outside, and Gardner Walsh’s new book helps young explorers learn how to pan for gold, use metal detectors to find buried treasure, use GPS to do geocaching or letterboxing, and search for arrowheads and gemstones. Treasure Hunter’s Handbook also includes wonderful bits of pirate lore and some fun pirate/treasure-hunting craft activities. Ahoy, matey!

Treasure Hunter’s Kit
Everything you need for a treasure hunt in a box to keep your treasures in forever! This kit includes a make your own treasure map, faux gold coins, pyrite and mica, a treasure hunter’s notebook and a twig pencil, a sea glass identification chart, a magnifying glass, a bag for collecting small treasures, and tourmaline filled mine tailings from Mt. Mica in Maine. Create your own treasure hunts and get out there and explore!


X Marks the Spot

“Who likes to look for treasures?” I ask a room full of three to five-year-old children in a preschool classroom. Not surprisingly, each little arm shoots up. I explain to the children that treasures can be every day objects with unusual traits: a stick with a hole in...

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There’s Gold In There Hills…

Gold Fever: Panning for Gold “Playfulness is a prospector’s greatest strength when trying to unlock the mysteries on the next bend of the river.” –C.J. Stevens Can you really catch a fever from gold? Or get a bite from a gold bug? Well, give yourself one day spent on...

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Rocks, Gems and Minerals – Oh My!

Do your coat pockets weigh ten pounds because you can’t bear to leave any newfound rock specimens behind? Perhaps you have an entire drawer filled with rocks from different places you’ve traveled or a collection of crystals and mica that has grown since you were old...

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Making a Treasure Map

Take a piece of regular copy paper and put it in a baking pan filled with your parent’s leftover coffee. Soak it overnight.

Let it dry and then rub a wet tea bag over the front.

Have a grown up burn the edges over a sink. This is best if the paper is still a little damp so the paper won’t burn too quickly. Use a pencil to draw some kind of a treasure route. You can imagine being on an island and draw certain landmarks near the buried treasure site. Draw an X where the treasure is and then draw a dotted line to mark the path to find it.

Old maps often have a compass rose and mythical beasts to signify the unknown with the quote, “Here there be monsters.” Get creative and have fun.

When you are finished you can roll your map up and tie it with a ribbon. Perhaps you want to store this treasure map in an old bottle but make sure to have it at the ready for any kind of impromptu treasure hunt that may arise.