Top 10 Best Agave Nectar Syrup In 2022

Agave nectar syrup is made from the sap of the agave plant. It is a natural sweetener that is lower on the glycemic index than other sweeteners like honey or sugar. Agave nectar syrup can be used as a substitute for sugar or honey in recipes. It has a mild flavor and is sweeter than sugar.

A Shortlist Of The Best Agave Nectar Syrup

Here is a quick recap of our top 10 picks that lets you compare each item with another and allow you to choose the best one.

10 Best Agave Nectar Syrup People Love In 2022: In Depth Features

Bestseller No. 1
Agave In The Raw Organic Agave Nectar Sweetener, Blue Agave Syrup, Sugar Substitute for Coffee, Baking, Cooking, Hot & Cold Drinks, Natural, Low Carb, Vegan, Gluten-Free, 18.5oz Bottle (Pack of 1)
  • All-Natural 100% Raw Blue Agave Sweetener
  • Certified USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Low glycemic value
  • Vegan and Kosher Certified, Naturally Gluten Free
  • Try it on a waffle, drizzle it on oatmeal, or use it to craft a cocktail
Bestseller No. 2
MADHAVA Organic Light Agave, 100% Pure Organic Blue Agave Nectar | Natural Sweetener, Sugar Alternative | Vegan | Organic | Non GMO | Liquid Sweetener, 46 Oz. (Pack of 2)
  • ORGANIC AGAVE NECTAR—TASTE THE DIFFERENCE: Pour a drop of our delicious organic blue agave nectar with this pack of 2, 46-ounce bottles of MADHAVA Organic Light Agave
  • INDEPENDENTLY AWARDED FOR PURITY: Continuously tested by The Clean Label Project to verify our agave nectar is always contaminant-free
  • AUTHENTIC BLUE AGAVE: 100% Weber Blue Agave, direct from organic agave farms
  • SUSTAINABLY HARVESTED AGAVE NECTAR: Our agave is grown and harvested in partnership with non GMO and organic blue agave farmers who share our values of doing good for people and the earth
  • CLEAN & SIMPLE: Our organic blue agave nectar is USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Kosher, gluten-free and vegan, and is packed in BPA free bottles with pourable cap
  • MULTI-USE LIQUID SWEETENER: Replace corn syrup, brown rice syrup and molasses with low-glycemic MADHAVA agave nectar—it's a delicious agave sweetener for tea, coffee and recipes! Use agave as a sugar alternative to replace other syrups and sugars
  • AGAVE USAGE TIP: Use 50% less organic agave nectar than other syrups
  • PASSION FOR PURITY: MADHAVA started making honey in 1973 and although honey will always be our first love, we’ve made room for other clean and simple organic food like agave nectar, coconut sugar, extra virgin olive oil and culinary vinegars
Bestseller No. 3
NOW Foods, Certified Organic Light Agave Nectar, Blue Agave, Certified Non-GMO, Low-Glycemic Sweetener, Kosher, 23.2-Ounce
  • LIGHT, BLUE AGAVE: NOW Real Food Organic Light Agave Nectar is a versatile liquid sweetener with a taste similar to honey. Its mild flavor makes it ideal for use in many culinary applications, and it’s a good substitute for honey and maple syrup.
  • LOW GLYCEMIC SWEETENER/USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC: Agave nectar (also called agave syrup) is minimally processed using low temperatures and has a low glycemic index.
  • CERTIFICATIONS/CLASSIFICATIONS: Non-GMO Project Verified, USDA Certified Organic, Kosher, Vegan/Vegetarian, Soy Free, Gluten Free
  • Because you are what you eat, NOW Real Food is committed to providing delicious, healthy, natural, and organic foods. Keep it natural. Keep it real.
  • Packaged in the USA by a family owned and operated company since 1968
Bestseller No. 4
Kirkland Signature Organic Blue Agave All Purpose Sweetener, 36oz Bottle (Pack Of 2, Total of 72 Oz)
  • Kirkland Signature Organic blue Agave
  • 36oz BOTTLE (pack of 2, total of 72 oz)
  • All purpose sweetener
  • The package dimension of the product is 5.7cmL x 20.3cmW x 22.9cmH
Bestseller No. 5
Monin - Organic Agave Syrup, Sweet and Full Flavor, Great for Any Beverage, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO (750 ml)
  • GREAT FOR ANY BEVERAGE: Monin Agave Organic Nectar is a balanced sweetener a with a smooth flavor profile perfect for enhancing teas, margaritas, other cocktails and more.
  • TASTING NOTES: Similar to sugar yet sweeter, with honey-nutty notes. Subtle sweetness and full flavor. The agave plant delivers sweet honey-like nectar with the added benefit of a low glycemic index.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Allergen Free, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Halal, Kosher, No Artificial Colors, No Artificial Flavors, No Artificial Ingredients, No Artificial Preservatives, No Artificial Sweeteners, Non-GMO, Organic, & Clean Label
  • SYRUP TO SUPPORT BEE COLONIES: Colony Collapse Disorder is greatly reducing bee populations worldwide. Our syrup recycling initiative has been sending waste syrup to feed bees since 2008, and has fed over 374 billion bees!
  • GREEN PACKAGING & LABELING: With BPA free bottles, 100% recyclable boxes comprised of 30% recycled content, printed with biodegradable water-based ink containing zero pollutants, and pulp inserts, we’re doing our part for the environment.
Bestseller No. 6
Blue Green Agave Organic Nectar, Light Blue, 16 Ounce
  • 100% pure blue Agave nectar
  • USDA organic, low glycemic
  • Non-GMO project verified
  • Kosher, gluten free, vegan
  • All natural, low calorie solution
Bestseller No. 7
HoneyTree Organic Blue Agave, 44-Ounce
  • Non GMO Project Verified
  • The product is Organic
  • The product is Kosher
  • The package dimension of the product is 6" L x 5" W x 4"H
Bestseller No. 8
MONIN - Organic Agave Nectar Syrup (33.8 ounce)
  • Made with organic agave.
  • A great substitute for sugar or simple syrup with a wide range of uses.
  • Considered a healthier sugar alternative because of its low glycemic index.
  • Offers the true, unique agave nectar taste; similar to sugar, yet sweeter, with honey-nutty-notes.
  • Size: 1 liter plastic bottle (33.8 oz).
Bestseller No. 9
Blue Green Agave Organic Nectar, Raw Blue, 176 Ounce
  • New square gallon pet bottles
  • Convenient easy to use handle
  • 100% pure blue agave nectar
  • USDA organic, low glycemic
  • Kosher, Gluten free, vegan
Bestseller No. 10
Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Blue Agave Nectar, Natural Low Glycemic Sweetener, Non GMO, Fair Trade & Gluten Free, 44 Ounce (Pack of 2)
  • ORGANIC BLUE AGAVE SYRUP - Natural, low glycemic, multipurpose sweetener harvested from the core of the Blue Agave plant
  • WONDERFUL ALTERNATIVE - Agave does not spike blood sugar like white sugar and corn syrup, so it makes a perfect substitute for granulated sugar or syrup. Try it in coffee, tea, oatmeal, yogurt, cereal or baked goods
  • CLEAN, SIMPLE PRODUCTION - Agave is made by crushing and cooking the core of the agave plant and filtering out the plant fibers to make a deliciously sweet syrup. No chemicals are used to make this organic syrup
  • USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Fair Trade Certified, Kosher certified, naturally Gluten Free, and Vegan
  • PACK OF 2 - Comes in Pack of 2 at 44 ounces a bottle

What To Look For Before Buying Best Agave Nectar Syrup

Before choosing a agave nectar syrup, you should take the following considerations into account.

When it comes to finding the best agave nectar syrup, there are a few things you should keep in mind. The first is that there are a variety of brands and types of agave, so it’s important to choose one that’s best suited for your needs. Additionally, it can be helpful to compare prices and find a store near you that offers free shipping on orders over $50. Finally, be sure to read the labels carefully to make sure you’re getting the right type of syrup for your needs.

Related Frequently Asked Questions

Is Agave Nectar Syrup Healthy?

There is no single answer to this question as the health benefits of agave nectar syrup vary depending on the specific recipe. However, some people recommend that agave nectar syrup be used in place of honey in baking and cooking because it has a lower glycemic index than honey. Additionally, some people believe that agave nectar syrup can be used to sweeten batters and sauces without adding sugar.

Is Agave Syrup Better For You Than Sugar?

There is no single answer to this question as different people have different needs and preferences when it comes to food. However, some people may prefer agave syrup over other types of sugar because it has a more mellow flavor and is lower in calories. Additionally, agave syrup can be used in place of other sweeteners in recipes for those who are trying to lose weight or control their diabetes.

Are Agave Nectar And Syrup The Same?

Agua de juche is a type of sweetener that is made from agave nectar and/or honey. Syrups are usually made from sugar, corn syrup, or other natural sweeteners.

Can You Use Agave Nectar As Syrup?

Yes, agave nectar can be used as syrup.

Final Verdict

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best agave nectar syrup will depend on the specific needs of your business. However, some general tips that can help you find the best agave nectar syrup include finding a syrup that is low-glycemic and contains zero fructose, as well as choosing a variety with high levels of sweetness.

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