Top 10 Best Candy Land Board Games Buying Guide & Reviews

There are a lot of different board games that are based on the classic Candy Land game. One of the best versions is probably the one that was released by Hasbro in 2013. This game features plastic playing pieces that look like characters from the movie Frozen. It also has a special spinner that helps to determine the player’s next move.

Which Are The Best Candy Land Board Games From Our Choice

If you don’t have enough time, check out this shortlist of the best candy land board games and choose the one you like the most.

10 Best Candy Land Board Games People Love In 2022: In Depth Features

SaleBestseller No. 1
Giant Candy Land Classic Retro Party Board Game Indoor/Outdoor with Big Oversized Gameboard Summer Toy for Preschoolers, Kids, & Families Ages 4 and up
  • GIANT SIZED & EXTRA SWEET: Take a trip through Giant Candy Land, a colorful, magical world so big that you become the mover on the board! This retro game is perfect for birthday parties.
  • PLAY INDOORS OR OUTSIDE: The large, 64”x64” illustrated vinyl game board makes for big fun in the house or as an outdoor game. Whether it is summer or winter, you can play this game wherever you like!
  • SIMPLE RULES, NO READING REQUIRED: Spin the Lollipop Spinner and move to that color. Reach a Neighborhood and collect a Card. First player to collect 4 Cards and reach King Kandy’s Castle wins and gets to wear the foam crown!
  • SPIN MASTER PUZZLES, TOYS & GAMES: A world of jigsaw puzzles and the best family board games for kids, teens, and adults. Plus strategy games, card games, and classic board games like dominoes, mahjong, chess, or a backgammon set.
  • FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: Next time you get together with family and friends, bring along a Spin Master game. The perfect activity for memorable game nights, birthdays, dinner parties, vacations, holiday & Christmas gifts, and any time you just want to have fun!
  • Includes 64”x 64” vinyl game board, lollipop spinner, 16 cards, foam crown, and instructions.
  • Covered by the Spin Master Care Commitment. See below for full details
Bestseller No. 2
Hasbro Gaming Candy Land Kingdom Of Sweet Adventures Board Game For Kids Ages 3 & Up (Amazon Exclusive), Red
  • CLASSIC BEGINNER GAME: Do you remember playing Candy Land when you were a kid. Introduce new generations to this sweet kids' board game
  • RACE TO THE CASTLE: Players encounter all kinds of "delicious" surprises as they move their cute gingerbread man pawn around the path in a race to the castle
  • NO READING REQUIRED TO PLAY: For kids ages 3 and up, Candy Land can be a great game for kids who haven't learned how to read yet
  • GREAT GAME FOR LITTLE ONES: The Candy Land board game features colored cards, sweet destinations, and fun illustrations that kids love
  • Sweet version of the classic boardgame features a race to the castle
  • You encounter all kinds of delicious surprises
  • Includes gameboard, 4 pawns, card deck and instructions
SaleBestseller No. 3
Candy Land Unicorn Edition Board Game, Toddler Games, Unicorn Toys, Perfect Kids Gifts, Kids Board Games, Ages 3 and Up (Amazon Exclusive)
  • FUN KIDS GAME FOR LITTLE ONES: The Candy Land Unicorn Edition boardgame lets kids imagine they're on an exciting adventure along a magical path to Rainbow Mountain
  • 3D RAINBOW MOUNTAIN: One of the funnest preschool games features unicorn toys movers, and a pop-up Rainbow Mountain with plastic stand. Makes a perfect unicorn gifts for girls and boys.
  • BRING BACK MEMORIES: Do you remember playing classic Candy Land board game when you were a kid? Introduce new generations to classic childrens games and this new Unicorn Edition one of the popular kids board games
  • NO READING REQUIRED TO PLAY: Kids draw cards to guide their unicorn along the rainbow path. The Candy Land Unicorn board game is a great kids games for ages 3 and up who haven't learned how to read yet
  • FUNNEST KIDS ACTIVITIES: This toddler board game is one of the funnest indoor games for kids, and it makes a great gifts for kids that like unicorn toys for girls and boys
SaleBestseller No. 4
Winning Moves Games Candy Land 65th Anniversary Game, Multicolor (1189)
  • Celebrating over 65 years of great family fun!
  • Game includes Bi-fold heavy-duty game board, 4 plastic gingerbread men movers, deck of 64 cards and instructions
  • This game is inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame! Ages: 4 and up
Bestseller No. 5
Hasbro Gaming Candy Land Disney Princess Edition Board Game (Amazon Exclusive)
  • The Candy Land game has a Disney Princess twist
  • You can play the game as Cinderella, Rapunzel or Ariel
  • Colorful cards guide you princess toward the castle
  • Whoever reaches the castle first wins. Ages 3 and up
  • Includes game board, 3 Disney Princess movers, 44 cards and instructions
  • Hasbro (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
SaleBestseller No. 7
Candy Land Board Game
  • Classic Candy Land game features delicious-sounding destinations and sweet adventures
  • 4 sweet characters: Mally Mallo, Twirly Girl, Cutie Cone and Giggly Gumdrop
  • Includes gameboard, label sheet, 4 character movers, cards and instructions
  • Hasbro (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
SaleBestseller No. 8
Hasbro Gaming Candy Land Game: Winter Adventures Edition Board Game for Kids Ages 3+
  • Holiday version of the candy land game: This game for kids features classic candy land gameplay and a holiday theme; players aim to be the first to arrive at the winter party At chillymint mansion
  • Includes 4 tokens: the candy land winter adventures game comes with a holiday-themed game board, 44 cards, and 4 plastic tokens
  • Game for older and younger players: kids can enjoy different levels of gameplay for older and younger players as young as 3 years old
  • Board game for 2-4 players: the game is designed for 2 to 4 players, ages 3 and up
SaleBestseller No. 9
Candy Land Candyland Board Game 2002 Edition
  • Early childhood board game
  • Classic game with updated graphics and sculpted, detailed pawns
  • No reading required to play
  • This is the classic "child's first game", and preschoolers will love it
  • Instructions are in both Spanish and English
Bestseller No. 10
WS Game Company Candy Land Vintage Bookshelf Edition
  • Linen-wrapped bookshelf case features elegant design for open bookshelf display
  • Vintage game components and graphics inspired by the 1978 edition
  • Full-sized vintage gameboard folds up for storage in bookshelf case
  • Deck of vintage cards
  • Includes 4 "Frosted" plastic Gingerbread Men playing pieces
  • Bookshelf case measures 10.63 x 8.50 x 2.63 inches and weighs just under 2 pounds
  • Instructions included
  • Appropriate for 2 to 4 Players, Ages 3 and Up

What To Look For Choosing The Best Candy Land Board Games

Before choosing a candy land board games, you should take the following considerations into account.

What to look for before buying a candy land board game: -The right game for your needs: A candy land board game is best suited for 3-6 players, who want to compete and race to collect as many pieces as possible. However, any game can be played with more players – just make sure the set up is easy to understand and play. -Age: Kids will love playing the classic candy land games, while experienced gamers can enjoy adding new obstacles and challenges. -Theme: Some games are themed around specific brands or flavors of candy, while others are all about competing in a race to the top of a hill. -Size: The size of the gameboard will affect how much space is available for players to move pieces around. Generally, bigger boards make it easier to keep track of where everyone is. -Number of Players: Two players is usually plenty, but larger boards may allow up to eight players.

Related Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Different Versions Of Candy Land?

The different versions of Candy Land are as follows: in the original version, the gates of heaven are locked and the only way to get into the other side is to eat candy bars; in the additionalversion, the gates of heaven are open and candy bars can be eaten any time; in the secretversion, candy bars can only be found after a player has been authenticated by a computer; and finally, in the bonusversion, players can get candy if they solve a logic puzzle.

What Are The Playing Pieces In Candy Land?

The playing pieces in Candy Land are the candlesticks, the cookies, and the eggs.

What Type Of Board Game Is Candy Land?

Candy Land is a board game that revolves around collecting certain types of candy, which can be found in different areas of the game.

What Age Group Is Candy Land For?

Candy Land is appropriate for ages 8 and up.

Final Verdict

Best candy land board games are those that provide a lot of play and excitement. They’re also ones that can be easily learned and mastered, making them perfect for children or adults who want to get into the game spirit.

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