Best Charcoal For Big Green Egg To Buy

A charcoal briquette is a solid block of carbon-based fuel, made by compressing charcoal powder and other combustible ingredients.

Which Are The Best Charcoal For Big Green Egg From Our Choice

Take a look at the following comparison chart of our top 10 best charcoal for big green egg that will win your heart.

10 Best Charcoal For Big Green Egg People Love In 2022: In Depth Features

SaleBestseller No. 1
Big Green Egg All Natural Charcoal Starters - 24 cubes
  • Odorless and Tasteless!
  • Contains no toxic substances!
  • Fast, clean, and safe!
SaleBestseller No. 2
BIG CP 20-pound bag of natural lump charcoal
  • Big Green Egg painstakingly sources our natural charcoal to ensure that it contains no fillers, nitrates, chemicals, anthracite coal, limestone, treated wood or petroleum products.
  • Unlike some of the other charcoals and briquettes on the market today, pure and natural Big Green Egg charcoal is premium carbonized wood with NO additives whatsoever.
Bestseller No. 3
Dracarys Round cast Iron fire Grate, BBQ high Heat Charcoal Plate for Large Big Green Egg fire Grate Bottom Grate Grill Parts Charcoal Grate Replacement Parts Big Green Egg l accessories-9inch
  • More air flow - starts easier and burns hotter with less charcoal. Doesn't clog with ash and charcoal and eliminates frequent. If the size of the hole is not suitable,which clogged easily with smaller chunks of wood and charcoal.Use our cast iron ash grate,this keeps the coals out of the vent,fastest and easiest way to reach and maintain high or low grill temperature
  • Fits - 9 inches, for Large or MiniMax Big Green Egg grills, Primo Grill,Vision Grill VGKSS-CC2 or other ceramic kamado cooker 18". Bottom Grate that holds the charcoal. Including fire grate only. please check your old fire grate diameter before your purcahse.
  • Keep Consistent Heat -Fastest and easiest way to reach and maintain high or low grill temperature,perfect big green egg replacement parts. Your Coals Will Breathe Better And Produce A More Consistent Heat When You Put This Cast Iron Fire Grate In Your Fire Box.Burn Hotter With Less Charcoal By Accelerating Air Flow, If you like being able to grill small meals without using a lot of fuel it is worth it.
  • Cleaning need - Fastest and easiest way to reach and maintain high or low grill temperature. Our charcoal smoker grate can hold the coals in place and very easy to catch ash.It is worth mentioning that grate fits great and the edge has a slight bevel as it drops into place.Do A Regular Clean Of Ash And Charcoal In Case The Hole Get Blocked, Perfect Replacement Part
  • Heavy duty cast iron - Durable cast iron contruction grate, long lasting. Solidly made, and a perfect fit. The new upgrade is perfectly flat and more thicker,better replacement than OEM parts.There is no doubt that it will last for many years.If there are any problems regarding this item, feel free to contact us.
Bestseller No. 4
Kick Ash Basket Stainless Steel Charcoal Ash Basket, Fits Big Green Egg Grill, Large
  • The original time-saving and temperature-regulating charcoal basket; Kick Ash Basket's stainless steel charcoal basket for Large Big Green Egg grills is the better way to grill; effortlessly shift out excess ash for an easy cleanup and a better quality fire the next time you grill; "classic" grilling means outdated grilling; upgrade today with the top bbq accessory
  • Provide your coals and lump charcoal with the room they need to breath; the best fires for grills and smokers are made when coals are not suffocated by leftover ash; the technology used in Kick Ash Basket's original designs ensure your coals are aerated and clear of debris each time you light up to cook; all you have to do is shake that ash
  • Kick Ash baskets are built differently; all Kick Ash baskets are made with durable electropolished stainless steel; use your basket as much as you'd like to without having to worry about the traditional wear and tear associated with grilling accessories; your basket will continue to kick ash even after heavy, repeated use
  • Unique, patented design; Kick Ash Basket offers consistent temperature control, giving you a quick and easy grill or smoker session every single time; whether you're a casual griller or an award-winning grill master, your cook should go precisely as planned; that's why advanced temperature regulation is key to avoiding burnt or undercooked food
  • One Large Kick Ash Basket stainless steel charcoal basket for a Large Big Green Egg Grill; measuring 9 inches in diameter at the base, 14 inches in diameter at the top, 4.25 inches deep, and 5.75 inches tall; also fits Grill Dome & Primo Kamado grills; custom-built sizes available for Big Green Egg, Char Griller, Pit Boss, Primo, Broil King, Kamado Joe, Louisiana Grills, Weber, Grilla Grills, PK Grills, Saffire, Grill Dome, SNS grills, and Vision Grills; no replacement necessary
Bestseller No. 5
KAMaster 48 Squares Starter Blocks for Big Green Egg,Fire Starter Squares Waterproof Easy Fire Charcoal Starter Perfect for Barbecue Grills, BGE, Kamado Joe,Smokers, Wood Stove
  • FAST LIGHTING - Lights within 1/10th of a second,lights even when wet.Thank you prometheus for stealing fire from the gods and delivering them to use in these tiny little squares!
  • BEST NATURAL FIRE STARTER- Easy fire firestarters are created from cedar sawdust and highly refined wax, meaning whatever you cook over them will taste natural, with no residues or toxic chemical waste left behind
  • More Safe for Cooking-Big green egg briquette.Safety and innocuity.Will not flavor food
  • Excellent for: charcoal grills, smokers, fire pits, bonfires, campfires, wood stoves, coal stoves
  • You have a wood burning stove that heats your home. Your friend was splitting wood and chips for building the fires. Did not need to have a stash of kindling, turn the square on its end and light the ragged edge and you have a fire! so easy!
Bestseller No. 6
Charcoal Ash Basket for Large Big Green Egg Grill, Heavy Duty Porcelain Steel Fire Basket also fits Kamado Joe Classic, Pit Boss, Louisiana Grills, Primo Kamado Grill and Large Grill Dome
  • Dimensions: 9" Bottom Diameter, 13.75" Top Diameter, 5.75" Tall and 4" Depth. Charcoal Basket for Green Egg. Suitable for Most charcoal grate.
  • Heavy duty Porcelain Steel: Our Charcoal Ash Basket is made with Porcelain Steel for extra durability and toughness, toughness and product longevity. Replacement for char griller akorn ash basket.
  • Fits for most kamado/ceramic grills. Compatible with big green egg, big green egg accessories, kamado, kamado joe grill accessories, Louisiana grills, pit boss, vision grills, char grillers, grill dome, coyote grills, etc.
  • Shake To Clean: When the grill is cold (never while hot), ​you can literally pull the basket out of the grill by the handles and give it a few shakes over the side of the deck or in the garbage can, handle the ashes in seconds, easy to clean.
  • ✅The Perfect tool to remove ash and keep your leftover charcoal intact after a cook. The space between ash basket design for you shake ash out more easy.
Bestseller No. 7
only fire Stainless Steel Charcoal Ash Basket Fits for X-Large Big Green Egg Ceramic Grills
  • Made of stainless steel construction. Keep long lasting than porcelain.
  • Fits for 24 inch X-Large Big Green Egg and other similar size ceramic grills. !!NOTICE!!: NOT COMPLETELY TIGHT. When using, please add the original cast iron grate under the basket, it will make the basket more stable.
  • Makes it easy to dispose of ashes and be ready for your next cook in seconds.
  • The special separate grate design to brings the flexibility of two zone for grilling and smoking.
  • Allows more free airflow, achieve high temperatures faster, helps you cook food evenly.
Bestseller No. 8
GGC Electric Charcoal Fire Starter Lighter for Big Green Egg Smokers BBQs Grills Wood Burning Fireplaces and Fire Pits(Meramic Core Material)
  • Ideal lighter for ceramic grills, charcoal barbecues. Igniting fires and BBQs takes just a few seconds. Dramatically cuts the time it takes until you can start cooking. Includes a hook for hanging that doubles as a bottle opener.
  • The hot airstream process eliminates the chemical taste that infuses food on BBQs lit using lighter fluid and gas. Because it uses only air, So it can help you cook more delicious, clean and delicious food.
  • The does not throw flames, Only need overheated air to start the grill. The safety casing quickly cools after use, Trigger must be depressed to produce heat, protecting against accidents.
  • That easily ignites briquettes and hardwood charcoal, wood and kindling for BBQs, grills, smokers, wood burning fireplaces, and fire pits.
  • This charcoal starter lasts thousands of lights.
Bestseller No. 10
Premium Electric Charcoal Starter Products Perfect for Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe & Weber Kettle Grills - Adjustable Height, 600 Watt Strong and A One Year Warranty - Great for Lump Charcoal
  • Charcoal starter designed for Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe & Weber Kettle grills
  • No need for dangerous liquid charcoal starters
  • Works best as a lump charcoal starter
  • 120V - 600 Watt & UL Approved - 36" Cord
  • Premium Products Corp Branded & Licensed Product

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Charcoal For Big Green Egg

Before choosing a charcoal for big green egg, you should take the following considerations into account.

When it comes to choosing the best charcoal for your Big Green Egg, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. The type of charcoal you use can affect the flavor of your food, as well as the cooking time and temperature. There are three main types of charcoal available: briquettes, lump charcoal, and self-lighting charcoal. Briquettes are made of compressed coal dust and wood chips, which makes them easy to light and provides a consistent heat. Lump charcoal is made from natural wood logs, so it has a higher flame point and produces a more intense flavor. Self-lighting charcoal is made of compressed sawdust or wood pellets, and is the easiest to use – just light it and you’re ready to go. When choosing the best charcoal for your Big Green Egg, it’s important to choose a type that will produce the desired results. If you’re looking for a smoky flavor, then lump charcoal is the best option. If you want an easy-to-use charcoal that lights quickly, then self-lighting charcoal is the way to go.

Related Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind Of Charcoal Do You Use For Big Green Egg?

I use lump charcoal for my Big Green Egg.

Is Big Green Egg Charcoal Worth It?

There is no definitive answer to this question as everyone’s opinion will differ based on their individual needs and preferences. That said, most people who own a Big Green Egg swear by the quality of the food that it produces, and the charcoal definitely plays a role in that. So, if you’re looking for a smoker or grill that will consistently produce amazing results, then the Big Green Egg is definitely worth considering.

Can You Use Kingsford Charcoal In A Green Egg?

The answer is yes, Kingsford charcoal can be used in a green egg.

How Much Charcoal Do I Need To Start My Big Green Egg?

The amount of charcoal you need to start your Big Green Egg will vary depending on the size of your Egg and the type of cooking you plan to do. For a general reference, plan on using between 20 and 30 pieces of charcoal.

Final Thoughts

The best charcoal for the Big Green Egg is definitely lump charcoal. It burns hotter and cleaner than briquettes, and it lasts a lot longer, too.

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