The 10 Best Wheel Bearing Greases In 2022

The best wheel bearing greases are those that provide superior protection against wear and corrosion. They typically contain additives that help to keep the wheel bearings clean and functioning properly in a wide range of temperatures.

Our Top Picks At A Glance

Here is a quick recap of our top 10 picks that lets you compare each product with another and allow you to choose the best one.

Top 10 Best Wheel Bearing Greases You Should Go For In 2022

SaleBestseller No. 1
STAR BRITE Wheel Bearing Grease - Boat Trailer Marine Grade - 14 OZ Grease Gun Cartridge (026014)
  • Engineered to protect trailer wheel bearings from marine corrosion
  • Protects from water washout, rust, corrosion and wear over a temperature range of 0 to 325 Fahrenheit
  • Excellent for winches, bearings, hatch hinges, pumps, etc
  • Meets the ASTM D4950 GC-LB performance classification requirements
  • Made with pride in the USA
Bestseller No. 2
Wheel Bearing Grease Red And Tacky Automotive Lubricant Tub Jar | Car Grease | Axle | Thick MultiPurpose Red Grease | Rod | High Temp | Tractor | Lithium | Trailer Hitch | 5th Wheel | HeavyDuty 1 LB
  • GreaseCo HeavyDuty Grease Tub Cartridge is a Lithium Complex Red And Tacky Grease for use in High Temperature EP Applications
  • Excellent Tractor Grease, Wheel Bearing Grease, Automotive Grease, Ball Joint Grease, Hitch Ball Grease, Axle Grease, Trailer Wheel Grease, Tie Rod Grease, Bushings, Bobcat Lube Points, Chassis Lubrication, Electric Motors, Gears, Plain Bearings, Presses, Roller Bearings, Steering Knuckles, Trailers, Universal Joints, Winches, And Many More!
  • An All Purpose Grease Tube for Automotive, Construction, Mining, Hauling & Trucking Sectors Due To It’s Enhanced High Temperature And Extreme Pressure Properties
  • 📦 Reduced Risk of Tub Arriving Damaged Due to Carrier Mishandling - A Very Common Customer Complaint Our Competitors Have Yet To Address!!! GreaseCo Tube Labels are FULLY SHRINK WRAPPED - Sealing and Securing Both Ends Reducing Loose/Broken Caps in Transit Handling. SEAL AND PEEL TUBE LABELS
Bestseller No. 3
STAR BRITE Wheel Bearing Grease - 1 lb. (026016)
  • This grease is designed for marine enviroment.
  • Recommended for corrosive marine.
  • applications - trailer wheel bearings, water pumps, hinges, pins, winches, anchor chain reels.
  • Special water-insoluble formula is highly resistant to wash-out. N.L.G.I. #2.
Bestseller No. 4
JDMSPEED New 44/40MM Front Rear Wheel Bearing Greaser Tools Replacement For Polaris Ranger 570 800 900 1000XP Sportsman 500 850 1000XP Replacement For Polaris ATV UTV SxS/RZR 900S/ 1000/ PRO XP
  • All Aluminum with steel fitting. Made of high quality aluminum, it is durable for long life service. Product with sealed rubber ring, grease fitting and grease outlet hole
  • Double O-Ring seal to keep the grease inside of your bearings
  • Replacement For Polaris UTV and ATV wheel bearings with a 44MM and 40MM inside dimensions
  • Works with all aftermarket and OEM bearings
  • Front Rear Wheel Bearing Greaser tool and its nozzle are designed precisely ( fit with 40mm and 44MM inside dimensions wheel bearings), easy for handling & removing and without having to remove the hub/ bearing carrier assembly when you grease your wheel bearings.
Bestseller No. 5
AtomLube Ultra Heavy Duty Red Grease | Waterproof Lubricant & High Temp Grease for Metal Surfaces | Wheel Bearing Grease for Semi Truck Accessories, 2-Pack of 14 Oz. Tubes
  • HEAVY DUTY RED GREASE: AtomLube Ultra Heavy Duty Red Grease is a multi-purpose high-performance lubricant designed for extended chemomechanical durability. This essential chassis bearing grease has outstanding extreme-pressure lubrication and wear protection. Includes a 2-pack of 14 oz. tubes.
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE LUBRICANT: This powerful, waterproof grease eliminates friction and corrosion. AtomLube Heavy Duty Red Grease develops strong adhesion to metal surfaces for strong stay-in-place power even in severe operating conditions.
  • LONGER LUBRICATION INTERVALS: This heavy duty red grease has a high resistance to oxidation and washout to guarantee extended service life and longer lubrication intervals. It provides lasting protection during periods of extreme pressures and high temperatures.
  • PROLONGS EQUIPMENT LIFE: Our nano-engineered red grease penetrates complex machine surfaces to protect equipment mechanisms, extend service intervals, and prolong useful life of equipment.
  • NLGI CERTIFIED: Ultra Heavy Duty Red Grease meets the National Lubricating Grease Institute (NLGI) performance classification GC-LB for automotive applications in wheel bearing and chassis grease.
SaleBestseller No. 6
SWANLAKE Hand Bearing Packer,Wheel Bearing Packer Tool,Portable Bearing Packer,
  • 1.Flushes Out Old Grease and Repacks Bearings with Less Mess
  • 2.The Handy Packer works on bearings up to 3 1/2" O.D. Grease bearing packing tool measures 4.5 inches (11.5cm) tall, 4.3 inches (11cm) in diameter
  • 3. To pack a bearing, place the bearing on the piston .The grease stays in the tool cavity, not on your hands.
  • 4.Press down on white handle until old grease pushes out, filling your bearing with new grease; Use green cap to protect new grease from contaminants when not in use
  • 5.This portable bearing packer save a lot time and could be used anywhere.helps you to remove old grease and add new grease easier.
Bestseller No. 7
Genuine 002989005110 Wheel Bearing Grease
  • Genuine 002989005110Genuine 002989005110
Bestseller No. 8
Allstar ALL78242 Timken Brand High-Temp Synthetic Racing Type Wheel Bearing Grease 14 oz. Cartridge
  • Timken's performance hi-temp synthetic racing grease has been specially formulated for the extreme operating conditions of bearings in racing hub
  • Special additives provide enhanced protection against wear, rust and corrosion
  • Reduces operating temperature, extends bearing fatigue life and improves wheel torque efficiency
  • Comes in a 14 ounce cartridge
  • Sold each
SaleBestseller No. 9
Plews & Edelmann Lubrimatic 30-190 Heavy-Duty Mini Grease Gun Kit with Marine Corrosion Control and Trailer Wheel Bearing Grease
  • Plews LubriMatic's heavy-duty mini grease gun kit makes greasing a wide variety of equipment simple and easy
  • Small, versatile gun conveniently allows for front or top pipe placement for greater flexibility in use
  • Barrel takes 3 oz. grease cartridge or can be suction loaded; includes push lock plunger with a diecast 'T' handle that locks in place for loading
  • Features a 5-1/2-inch long, sturdy steel straight grease pipe, standard duty coupler, and 3 oz. cartridge of superior quality, LubriMatic Marine Corrosion Control and Trailer Wheel Bearing Grease
  • With all metal construction, and developing up to 4,500 PSI - this mini gun packs plenty of power into a compact, durable package
SaleBestseller No. 10
LUMAX LX-1310 White 1/2" Inner Diameter / 4-1/2" Outer Diameter Plastic Universal Bearing Packer. for use on All Grease Guns. Can be Used with Either Hand-Operated or Power Lube Equipment
  • Universal Bearing Packer, Plastic, Bearing Size : 1/2" ID/4-1/2" OD
  • For use on all Grease Guns
  • Lightweight yet rugged construction
  • Easily lubricates most bearings
  • Threaded center post for positive locking

What To Look For Choosing The Best Wheel Bearing Greases

Before choosing a wheel bearing greases, you should take the following considerations into account.

When buying a wheel bearing grease, there are a few things to consider. The first is the type of grease you will need. There are three types of wheel bearings grease: semi-permanent, permanent, and synthetic. Semi-permanent greases last for around 6,000 miles while permanent greases last up to 20,000 miles. Synthetic greases are the most expensive but also the longest lasting. The next thing to consider is the weight of the grease. You will want to buy a grease that is light enough to not affect your car’s performance but heavy enough to keep the wheel bearings lubricated. The final thing to consider is the price. Wheel bearing greases vary in price depending on their brand and weight.

Related Frequently Asked Questions

Can Wheel Bearings Be Greased?

Yes, wheel bearings can be greased.

What Happens When A Bearing Is Over Greased?

A bearing that is over greased can experience decreased performance and can even fail. The lubricant will become thick and tar-like, making it difficult for the bearings to rotate. If the bearing does fail, it can cause serious damage to the machine.

Is Lithium Grease Good For Bearings?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a variety of factors such as the type of bearings being lubricated, the quality of the lithium grease, and the application. Some people believe that lithium grease is a good option for bearings because it is a relatively thick and viscous oil that can resist oxidation and build-up, which can cause problems with bearings. Others may prefer a lighter lubricant that can flow more easily across the surface of the bearing. Ultimately, it is up to the individual technician or manufacturer specific recommendations on what type of lubricant is best for a given application.

What Grease Is Best For Bearings?

The best grease for bearings is a light oil that is non-corrosive and does not contain any solvents.

Final Thoughts

Different types of wheel bearing greases will offer different benefits for your vehicle. Some greases are designed to resist heat, while others are more lubricating. Ultimately, the best choice for your vehicle will depend on the specifics of your bearings and how often they’ll need to be lubricated.

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