How To Harvest Lemongrass

Lemongrass is a fragrant grass that is used in cooking. It can be harvested at any time, but is best in the spring or summer. To harvest lemongrass, cut the stem just below the soil line with a sharp knife.

How To Harvest Lemongrass

There are a few ways to harvest lemongrass. One way is to cut off the top of the stalk, just below the flowers. You can also cut off the bottom of the stalk, just above the roots. Another way is to dig up the entire plant, including the roots.

-Lemongrass can be harvested at any time during the year, but it is best to harvest it before the plant flowers. -To harvest lemongrass, use a sharp knife to cut off the base of the plant. You can then strip the leaves from the stalk.

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  • Cut off the top of the lemongrass stalk with a sharp knife
  • Cut the lemongrass stalk into 2 inch pieces
  • Peel off any dried leaves from the outside of the stalk

-Cut lemongrass at the base of the stalk with a sharp knife. -Remove any excess leaves and cut off the top of the stalk. -Slice the lemongrass stalk into thin pieces. -Place the lemongrass in a food processor and blend until it is chopped.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lemongrass Grow Back After Harvesting?

Lemongrass is a perennial grass that can grow back after being harvested.

How Do You Harvest Lemongrass So It Keeps Growing?

Lemongrass can be harvested by cutting off the top of the stalk, just below where new leaves are growing. This will encourage the plant to keep growing and produce more stalks.

When Should Lemongrass Be Harvested?

Harvesting lemongrass typically takes place when the plant has reached its mature size, which can be anywhere from three to six months after it has been planted. The stalk of the lemongrass should be cut just above the base of the plant, and then it can be dried or used fresh.


Lemongrass is a delicious, fragrant herb that can be used in many different dishes. The best time to harvest lemongrass is when the plant is flowering. Cut the stalk just above the ground and remove the leaves.

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