How To Pronounce Chocolatier

A chocolatier is a person who makes and sells chocolate, often in the form of candy. The word can also refer to a chocolate maker’s workshop or to a store that specializes in selling chocolate.

How To Pronounce Chocolatier

The word ‘chocolatier’ is of French origin, and the traditional French pronunciation is ‘shoh-kuh-lah-tee-ay’. However, the word has entered into common usage in English-speaking countries, and the English pronunciation – ‘kuh-kahl-uh-tee-uhr’ – is now also widely accepted.

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  • Pronounce the word “chocolatier” by saying “chocolate
  • Er”. the word has five syllables, with the stress on the third syllable. the “ch”
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How to Pronounce Chocolatier The word “chocolatier” is French and it is pronounced as “shoh-kuh-lah-tyay”. The chocolatier is the person who makes chocolate and this word is derived from the French word “chocolate” which is pronounced as “shoh-kuh-laht”.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Say Chocolaterie?

Chocolaterie is a French word meaning “chocolate workshop” or “chocolate store”.

How Do You Pronounce Callebaut In French?

The correct way to pronounce Callebaut in French is “kal-a-boh”.

How Do You Pronounce Belcolade?

Belcolade is pronounced BELL-kuh-lahd.

In The End

A chocolatier is someone who makes chocolate, and the word is pronounced like “shoe-kuh-lah-tee-uhr.”

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