How To Pronounce Itadakimasu

The phrase “Itadakimasu” (いただきます) is a Japanese word that is used to express gratitude before eating. It is typically said by the person who is about to eat, and it is considered polite to say it before starting any meal.

How To Pronounce Itadakimasu

In Japanese, itadakimasu is a word typically uttered before eating. It is usually translated to “I humbly receive,” and is considered to be a form of respect shown to the food that will be consumed. Itadakimasu is usually said in a low voice, and some people may even bow their heads slightly as they say it.

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When pronouncing “itadakimasu,” extend the “i” sound and add a slight “m” sound at the end. The word should sound like “ee-tah-dah-kee-mah-soo.” While the word is typically translated as “thanks for the food,” it actually has a more general meaning of “thank you for everything.” When saying “itadakimasu,” take a moment to appreciate all that you have, both in

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Japanese Say Before And After Eating?

Before eating, Japanese people will say “itadakimasu” which means “I gratefully receive”. After eating, they will say “gochisosama deshita” which means “thank you for the meal”.

What Do Japanese Say Before They Eat?

There are many customs and sayings related to food in Japan, but one of the most common is “Itadakimasu” which is usually translated as “I humbly receive”. This saying is said before eating to express gratitude for the food.

How Do You Pronounce Itadakimasu And Gochisousama?

“Itadakimasu” is pronounced “eet-ah-dah-kee-mah-soo” and “Gochisousama” is pronounced “goh-chee-soo-sah-mah”.

In The End

Itadakimasu is a word typically spoken before eating a meal in Japan. The word is derived from the verb “itadaku,” which means “to receive.” Thus, itadakimasu can be translated to “I humbly receive this food.” In terms of pronunciation, it is pronounced as ee-tah-dah-kee-mah-soo.

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