How To Ripen Pomegranate At Home

Pomegranates are a delicious fruit that can be enjoyed fresh or in recipes. While they are often available in grocery stores year-round, they are typically at their best from October to January. To ripen pomegranates at home, place them in a paper bag with an apple or banana. The ethylene gas emitted by the apple or banana will help to ripen the pomegranate.

How To Ripen Pomegranate At Home

Pomegranates can be ripened at home by leaving them out on a counter or in a fruit bowl. The pomegranate will become softer as it ripens and the seeds will become easier to remove.

-A knife -A cutting board -A pomegranate -A bowl -Water

  • Use your fingers to pull the scored skin apart and remove the seeds
  • Cut off the top of the pomegranate and score the skin in a few places
  • Wash the pomegranate and pat it dry

-Ripening pomegranates at home is easy and only requires a few simple steps. -First, place the pomegranate in a paper bag and fold the top of the bag closed. -Next, place the bag in a warm spot such as on top of the refrigerator or in a sunny spot. -Check on the pomegranate every day and once it has softened, it is ready to eat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Pomegranates Ripen In The Fridge?

No, pomegranates do not ripen in the fridge.

Do Pomegranates Need To Ripen?

Yes, pomegranates do need to ripen in order to be eaten. The fruit will change from a greenish-white color to a deep red as it ripens.

How Do You Ripen Unripe Pomegranates?

To ripen an unripe pomegranate, place it in a brown paper bag and store at room temperature. Check the pomegranate every few days, and when it’s ripe, the skin will be soft and the seeds will fall out easily.

To Summarize

Pomegranate is a fruit that can be enjoyed both fresh and dried. To ripen pomegranate at home, place it in a paper bag with a banana or apple. The ethylene gas released by the fruit will help to speed up the ripening process.

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