How To Use Camerons Stovetop Smoker

The Cameron smoker is a stovetop smoker that can be used to smoke meats, fish, and vegetables. It is a simple device that consists of a pot with a perforated lid and a smoker box that sits on top of the pot. The smoker box contains wood chips that produce the smoke.

How To Use Camerons Stovetop Smoker

The Cameron Stovetop Smoker is a small, portable smoker that can be used on a stovetop. It is made of cast iron and has a porcelain-coated interior and a hinged lid. The smoker can be used to smoke meats, fish, poultry, and vegetables. To use the Cameron Stovetop Smoker, first soak the wood chips in water for at least 30 minutes. Then, fill the smoker with chips and place the meat or

– Cameron’s stovetop smoker – Charcoal – Wood chips (preferably hickory or apple) – A stove with at least two burners – Foil – Tongs

  • Place the food on the cooking grate and close the lid. smoke for
  • Place the wood chips in the smoker box and place it on the burner
  • Preheat the smoker to 225 degrees f

– camerons stovetop smoker can be used to smoke a variety of foods, such as fish, meat, and vegetables – the smoker can be used to cook food indirectly, which results in moist and tender food – the smoker is easy to use and can be setup in minutes – the smoker has a built-in temperature gauge, so you can easily monitor the cooking process – the smoker comes with a recipe booklet, which includes recipes for smoked salmon, chicken breasts, and

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use Regular Wood Chips In A Stovetop Smoker?

Yes, you can use regular wood chips in a stovetop smoker. They will produce smoke and add flavor to whatever you are smoking.

Can You Smoke Food With Any Wood?

There are a variety of woods that can be smoked, and the type of wood used will impart its own unique flavor to the food. Some woods, like apple, are mild and sweet, while others, like hickory, are smokier and more intense. It’s best to experiment with different types of wood to see what you like the best.

What Wood Is Not Good For Smoking Meat?

Oak, ash, and hickory are not good for smoking meat because they have a high content of tannins, which can make the meat bitter.


The Cameron smoker is a great way to smoke meats on your stovetop. The smoker is easy to use and produces great results. You can smoke ribs, pork chops, chicken, and other meats using the Cameron smoker.

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